More often than not ... when you need that all important aerial image or video clip, you can bet the location is 1000 kms away, out of season or has just happened! ...and that's if the budget even allowed it!

Stock Image Australia has been set up to fill that gap where you need an Australian aerial (or stock image) fast!  With NO FUSS & on BUDGET!

Stock Image Australia is run by Hypervision Creative, Who have managed video libraries and produced video for the largest National Tourism bodies, Government Departments and Corporations for over 30 years and know exactly how it works and what you need! 

We hope you will enjoy a huge range of shots designed for your easy use !

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This website is a front end to our stock image database www.stockoz.com.au
which provides more comprehensive access to thousands of Australian Photos and Aerial Images available to purchase and instantly download.
Managed by Hypervision Creative, one of Australia's longest running video production houses with the largest private collection of stock video footage
and Images in the country, featuring Australia
  1. There is no other stock photo library that feature our original, local, current and relevant aerial images
    of Australia, with the huge selection and price range options available.
  2. SEARCH by area, topic or key word! No keyword guesswork! 
  3. Many of our images are available in various colours and treatments to suit individual creative design jobs
  4. LESS HEROS! Many of our images feature shots from "incidental Australia" which is great for your Page 2!
    There is already too many stock photo libraries catering to the HERO shots!

  5. All original! Creative and unique! Non traditional stock images
  6. We feature "hard to find" amazing aerial images from regional & remote areas of Australia!
  7. SAVE TIME by not being bombarded by a million images of irrelevant images
  8. PRICE! Pricing is very budget savvy and won't break any job budgets!
  9. No FUSS INSTANT DOWNLOADING!  NO subscriptions or Memberships! Like it? ... download it!
One of the problems with typical Stock Photo Libraries, is that photographers
tend to upload only their best "Hero shots" (which all start to look the same) and the stock libraries prefer listing what will sell in mass!  Your customers get sick of "generic images" that are clearly stock photos! In most jobs, many of our clients require filler images for page 2 of a brochure or more "local" or "real" images of areas to complete commercial design jobs. Plus they often need images from remote Australian locations that are not viable to photograph financially or seasonally that are impossible to get off season!
Enjoy Instant download of 1000's of amazing Australian photos, images & pictures that feature incidental Australia and Regional Australia!
If you're sick and tired of finding 5 Million irrelevant photos to download, when your'e just looking for one good one of Australia! Book Mark this page!

If you can't find what you need, please contact us, as we have over 22,000+ images coming online throughout 2018

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